How to grow herbs in Perth

Growing herbs in Perth

There is nothing better than fresh herbs, they uplift the flavour profile of any home cooked meal. Wondering what to plant in your Western Australian backyard? Here is a list of fantastic herbs that thrive in Perth’s Mediterranean climate.

Typically, garden herbs in Australia require plenty of sunlight to grow well – usually about 5 to 6 hours of sunlight a day. When selecting pots for your herbs, ensure they have adequate drainage holes and enough space for growing root systems. Herbs don’t like to be saturated with water, as it will cause them to rot. Only water when the soil is dry, and also remember it’s best to not water the leaves!

If you have ever wondered how to grow herbs in Perth, Western Australia then look no further. Fresh herbs are relatively easy to grow at home but there are a few tricks to successfully growing herbs in Perth, get these right and you will be enjoying your own home grown herbs in no time. Check out our list of herbs to grow which features some of the most popular herbs to grow in Perth.

Basil loves the sun and hates the cold, which makes Perth the perfect place to grow it! Unlike many herbs, basil prefers a slightly moist soil. Prune regularly to encourage growth, and harvest when the plant is in bud. Read our full guide on growing basil in Perth.

If you are part of the 50% of the population that likes it, coriander is a wonderfully versatile herb. The stems, leaves and roots of coriander can all be used in cooking. Ensure your plant enjoys plenty of sun and good drainage, plus fertilise regularly. Read our full guide on growing coriander in Perth.

Chives create an attractive edging for your garden with all parts of the plant being edible including the flowers. A member of the onion family, chives love full sun and moist soil. Read our full guide on growing chives in Perth.

Oregano loves the sun and hates to be over-watered, making it an ideal herb to grow in Perth. This hardy herb adds delicious flavour to Italian and Greek dishes. Read our full guide on growing oregano in Perth.

Parsley will tend to bolt if it’s not picked regularly. The curly variety is less likely to, but if it is left to seed it can naturalise in the garden which is great. Read our full guide on growing parsley in Perth.

There are hundreds of varieties of thyme and each provides a creeping, hugging ground cover. Read our full guide on growing thyme in Perth.

Rosemary grows as a large upright bush. It is great for bees and butterflies as well as seasoning a lamb roast. A herb that prefers a drier soil, it is important not to over-water! It also grows quite tall, so make sure to prune regularly. Read our full guide on growing rosemary in Perth.

Mint is a herb which is extremely easy to grow, and will even spread to other areas if you don’t keep an eye on it! They like moist soils, can tolerate some shade, and add plenty of flavour to desserts and cocktails. Read our full guide on growing mint in Perth.

Sage grows in an attractive ground hugging clump. It is easy to grow and harvest and great for seasoning dishes. Read our full guide on growing sage in Perth.

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