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How to grow Cordyline australis

Growing cordyline australis (New Zealand Cabbage Tree)

Looking to grow Cordyline australis? This hardy evergreen tropical plant commonly known as New Zealand cabbage tree, tī kōuka or cabbage-palm. Cordyline australis is native to New Zealand, however varieties of Cordyline which are native to Australia as well. Over the years there has been much hybridisation so there are many different styles of Cordyline australis now available for gardeners.

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Growing viburnum odoratissimum

Viburnum odoratissimum

Viburnum odoratissimum, commonly called ‘sweet viburnum’, is a fast-growing evergreen shrub which is known for its powerful sweet fragrance. A low-maintenance plant, with it’s lush foliage and beautiful blooms a wonderful edition to any garden.

If you have ever wondered how to grow Viburnum odoratissimum then look no further.

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Growing bird of paradise in Perth

Growing Bird of Paradise in Australia

Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) also known as Strelitzia, Bird’s Tongue Flower, Crane Flower is a herbaceous perennial. It is part of the Strelitziaceae family and is native to South Africa.

Birds of Paradise look great planted in a tropical style gardens, poolside, grassy borders or as a feature plant.

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Growing Chinese Hibiscus trees

Growing Chinese Hibiscus trees

Chinese Hibiscus has the scientific name Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, but is known by a few different names including China rose, Hawaiian hibiscus, rose mallow and shoeblack plant. Chinese Hibiscus plants produce stunning blossoms. Colours range from white, yellow, pink and even bright red, which is my personal favourite.

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Growing Norfolk Island Hibiscus trees

Growing Norfolk Island Hibiscus trees

Norfolk Island Hibiscus has the scientific name Lagunaria patersonii, but is known by a few different names including Pyramid tree, Cow Itch tree, Itchy Powder Tree, Queensland white oak, or sally wood. Norfolk Island Hibiscus is a neat looking, pyramidal shaped, evergreen tree with oval, leathery and hairy, sage-green leaves.

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Best ground cover plants

Best ground cover plants

Ground cover plants are a great option in Perth gardens. A ground cover plant is a type of plant that is used to cover the ground in an area where grass or other plants may not grow well or are not desired. Ground cover plants are usually low-growing and spread quickly to cover a large area, forming a dense mat of foliage.

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tropical plants for Perth gardens

Best tropical plants for Perth gardens

In tropical gardens, you can expect to see bright, colourful foliage and flowers set against cool, green foliage, with a range of bold shapes and textures adding interest.

In order to have a tropical garden in Perth you will need the right garden and soil preparation as a foundation.

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Best full sun plants Perth

Best full sun plants for Perth

Native plants are a wonderful choice when it comes to choosing full sun plants for low maintenance gardens in Perth. They are well-adapted to local conditions and require less water and fertiliser than many introduced species.

Check out these great plants for full sun locations.

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Growing grapes in Perth

Growing grapes in Perth

How to grow grapes in Western Australia Growing grapes in the backyard is an awesome idea if you have the space! Grape vines are one of the best fruit trees to grow in Perth because of our Mediterranean conditions which allow them to thrive. Having a plentiful harvest of fresh home grown grapes is a […]

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bauera rubiodes x sessiliflora river dog rose

Bauera rubiodes x sessiliflora River Dog Rose

Bauera rubiodes x sessiliflora which has the common name River Dog Rose is part of the Cunoniaceae family.

Read more about Bauera rubiodes x sessiliflora River Dog Rose.

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