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How to grow banksia trees

How to grow banksia trees

Growing banksia trees in Perth Banksia are a wonderfully versatile native Australian plant to grow in your garden at home. They can come in the form of a groundcover, a shrub or even flourishing trees. Banksia are easily recognisable by their serrated leaves and flower spikes, which come in greenish-white, yellow, and orange-red. Banksias belong […]

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How to grow hydrangeas in Perth

Growing hydrangeas in Perth

Hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla) are a fantastic addition to any West Australian garden. These deciduous perennial plants are versatile and can be grown in garden beds or pots, or used as a loose hedge in a semi-shaded area of the garden. The unique ability of the Hydrangea is that the colour of the flower can change from Blue, White to Pink depending on the pH of the soil.

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How to grow roses

Growing roses in Perth

It’s no surprise that roses are one of the world’s favourite flowers. Known for their stunning blooms many roses also have a beautiful fragrance. Roses are very adaptable and can be planted into pots, stand-alone in the garden, climbing up a fence or archway, and look terrific lining a driveway – there are different types of roses to suit every spot in your garden. If you have ever wondered how to grow roses in Perth then look no further.

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How to grow poppies in Australia

Growing poppies in Perth

Poppies are herbaceous plants, often grown for their colourful flowers. Available in a mix of colours and single and double flowers, they are great for mass plantings or in cottage-like gardens. Poppies are best know in Australia for their association with Remembrance day.

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How to grow tulips in Perth

Growing tulips in Perth

Tulips are one of the most recognisable plants in the garden – not to mention one of the most loved. The flowers are usually large, with vibrantly coloured, generally red, pink, yellow, or white petals.

If you have ever wondered how to grow tulips in Perth then look no further.

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Australian native hedging plants

Australian hedging plants

Hedges are a common way to create a neat and tidy garden design, they can help to create a privacy screen from neighbours, help block out wind or act as a dividing wall in your garden.

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How to grow French lavender

How to grow french lavender

Growing French lavendar French lavender may refer to at least two species of plants in the genus Lavandula. These are Lavandula dentata (French or fringed lavender) and Lavandula stoechas (French or Spanish lavender). Each of these French lavender varieties look different, but all have the same amazing perfume and are both great for attracting bees to your garden – […]

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How to grow Swan River Daisies

Growing swan river daisy

The Swan River daisy (Brachyscome iberidifolia) , is an annual herb found in Western Australia. Swan river daisies come in a variety of shades of lavender, blue, violet, yellow, and white but it’s the varieties with the striking blue daisy-like flowers that really catch our attention, especially when you see a field of them together.

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How to grow birds nest ferns

Growing birds nest ferns

Bird’s nest ferns (Asplenium nidus) are naturally epiphytic, meaning they grow on the surface of other plants. If you have ever wondered how to grow birds nest fern in Perth, Western Australia then look no further.

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How to grow orchids

Growing orchids in Perth

Orchids thrive in Perth. The botanical name for orchids is (Phalaenopsis) with around 28,000 different varieties of orchid, each with varying requirements, so it’s not a surprise that many find it a little intimidating. Orchids will grow well in most parts of Western Australia when given protection and bright filtered sunlight.

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