Things to do in Bridgetown Western Australia

Things to do in Bridgetown WA

If you’re looking for the best things to do in Bridgetown, Western Australia, this insiders’s guide also provides tips on the when to visit Bridgetown, how to get to Bridgetown, and where to stay in Bridgetown.

Where is bridgetown WA?
Bridgetown is a town in the South West region of Western Australia, approximately 270 kilometres south of Perth. Nestled on the Blackwood River this cute country town has a population of 2,812 (according to the 2016 census). Bridgetown lies at the intersection of South Western Highway with Brockman Highway to Augusta. Perth to Bridgetown will take you approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes if traffic is good. On a long weekend it can take a little longer.

How to get to Bridgetown, WA:
The best way to get to Bridgetown is by car. The drive to bridgetown is enjoyable passing through a number of small country towns such as Donnybrook. The drive to bridgetown should take you approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Can you catch a bus to Bridgetown?
TransWA runs buses to Pemberton that stop in Bridgetown. However, it’s hard to get around this region without a car. SouthWest Coachlines also have a service from Elizabeth Quay in Perth to Manjimup that stops in Bridgetown.

What time of year to visit Bridgetown, WA:
Bridgetown has plenty to offer any time of year. The hottest months are January and February, where the average highs are 29 degrees, which is a few degrees cooler than Perth. December to February are the driest months in Bridgetown.

The coldest months are from June to August. During this time, the temperature averages around 16 degrees but it can get down to -1. Bridgetown’s cold winter temperature has lead to it getting the nickname Fridgetown. There is even a winter festival being called Fridgetown Fest. If you are like me and enjoy a red wine by a log fire, then winter would be an ideal time to visit Bridgetown. The most rain falls between May and August.

My favourite time of year is September/October when it’s cool enough to hike, but not too cold, and the wildflowers are out, and the grass is green. There can be a touch of rain but it’s a lovely time of year where you can get outside during the day, yet still enjoy a glass of red wine in the evening.

Another fantastic time to visit during the Bridgetown Blues Festival in November. The town really comes alive over the festival and it is a great time to experience Bridgetown buzzing with energy.

Bridgetown WA things to do:
If you are wondering what to do in Bridgetown then look no further;

1. Visit a local Bridgetown winery

The historic 1906 Sunnyhurst Homestead, is the home of the Sunnyhurst Winery Estate is located just 5 minutes from the heart of Bridgetown in the Blackwood Valley Wine Region of Western Australia. At first I was a little skeptical about visiting a winery in Bridgetown because it isn’t exactly known for being a wine region. However, it’s got to be said that it was well worth the visit not only was the wine very good but it also was a lovely homestead and the owners allowed us to have a look around the ground.

Sunnyhurst Vineyard is a typical Bordeaux style vineyard, growing French varieties such as Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot. However they also bring in local grapes such as Shiraz and Chardonnay to make a few other styles. I personally enjoyed the Shiraz and bought several bottles.

2. Shop on the high street

Bridgetown high street has a number of terrific little stores which are well worth stopping in to visit and spending some money at.

  • Barney & Fleur – Located at 135 Hampton St, Bridgetown, WA. This store has a fantastic range of women’s clothing, accessories, books and giftware.
  • Puddletown Toyshop – 119 Hampton Street, Bridgetown WA. This is an amazing little toy store with a great range of boutique toys. Definitely worth a visit.
  • Ooh La Lollipop – 84 Hampton St, Bridgetown WA. Nothing says country town like a lolli shop and the Bridgetown lollishop will transport you back to your youth.
  • The Rabbit Hole – 87, Hampton St, Bridgetown WA  – Get lost down the rabbit hole and be amazed at the talented, creative artists.

3. Enjoy a round at Bridgetown golf course

Bridgetown golf course is a great way to spend a few hours for those that enjoy the game. Bridgetown golf course is an 18 hole course with grass greens and tee boxes. During the summer the fairways can get a little dry and sandy of course but as far as country golf course go Bridgetown is certainly a fun little course. Visitors are welcome however its important to book in advance in case a competition is on.

4. Fishing in Bridgetown

Fishing in the Blackwood River is a great way to spend an afternoon whilst in Bridgetown. Important to note whether you are fishing for fresh water fish such as trout or redfin or if you a wanting to catch marron both will require a license. It’s pretty straightforward to purchase one online prior to your visit. Also be sure to check the size and bag limits for fish.

4. Bridgetown walks and trails

There are four walks to choose from in Bridgetown, varying from 10 minutes to 3+ hours. If you enjoy your walking tails be sure to check out these bridgetown walking trails.

  • Bridgetown Town Heritage Walk – This 2km walk is very easy and will take approximately 2 hours to complete.
  • Bridgetown Blackwood River Walk – This trail is 5.7kn to 6.2km in length and is considered an easy to moderate walk which will take you approximately 3 hours to complete.
  • Bridgetown Old Rectory Walk – Thus walk is approximately 1.7km long and is a moderate to easy trail. It should take around 1 hour to complete the walk.
  • Bridgetown Somme Creek Fitness Trail – This is a 1km trail taking aproximately 10mins to complete. Considered a very easy walk and centrally located will take you through some revegetated wetland area with native flora and fauna.
  • Bridgetown Jarrah Park – Has various trails which will take between 30mins and 3 hours.
  • Bridgetown Old Abattoir Walk – A little further out of town. This walk is 1.7km to 3.1km and considered easy to moderate. I should take between 30mins and 1 hour. Some historical remnants of the Old Abattoir can be seen on the trail.
  • Bridgetown Wandoo Valley Walk – The furtherest out of town at 8.2km. This walk is 1km to 3.7km and is an easy to moderate walk also. Wonderful jarrah, marri, and wandoo trees as well as wildflowers can be seen on the walk.

5. Walk the Bridgetown art trail

Bridgetown is full of creative and accomplished artists, many who have day jobs here. The Bridgetown Art Trail was started with the idea of showcasing some of these artists around the town. The Bridgetown art trail is a walking trail which stretches four kilometres taking you on tour of Bridgetown’s local art scene.

Download a map of the art trail along with detailed information on each piece here.

6. Go for a swim at Greenbushes Pool

While Greenbushes Pool is technically in Greenbushes and not Bridgetown because it’s just 10mins away by car we have included in the list.

The Greenbushes Pool Boardwalk is a short trail around an attractive natural waterhole located on the Spring Gully Watercourse and is within walking distance of the Greenbushes townsite. There is a canoe access ramp, gazebos, picnic facilities and a free gas barbecue, playground and toilet facilities.  There is ample car parking at the pool.

Where to stay in Bridgetown WA:
There are a range of places to stay in Bridgetown. Below are some of our suggested accommodation spots.

Camping – Bridgetown Caravan Park is a family-owned park on the banks of the Blackwood River. Cabins are also available.

Ford House – Ford House is more than a Bed & Breakfast…it is a Retreat set in exquisite grounds in the centre of Bridgetown.

Sunnyhurst Chalets – Affordable, child and pet friendly farm-style chalets in Bridgetown, Western Australia.

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