Great Ocean Drive Esperance

Esperance is located 721km south-east of Perth and has a population of approximately 15,000. Esperance is renown for is pristine coastline and magnificent beaches with their stunning white sands. The Great Ocean Drive is a 38km loop which takes you along the Southern Ocean commencing from the West end of town and presenting you with some of the most beautiful coastal scenery Australia has to offer along the way.

Panoramic views of the Recherche Archipelago can be seen from Rotary Lookout at the start of the loop. Along the drive you will experience a succession of exquisitely sculpted granite headlands and a endless beaches of powdery white sand. Surfers can catch waves at West Beach on most days and Twilight Cove offers itself as a fine swimming beach as it is protected by the orientation of two offshore rocks. Further down the road at 10 mile Lagoon and Salmon Beach you can get a great view of Esperance’s electricity generating wind farms. Returning to Esperance is Pink Lake which has a remarkable pink hue due to the high content of Beta Carotene in the lake. Pink Lake is particularly nice at sunset. All in all the Great Ocean Drive is just that a great drive and is a must do for anyone visiting the region.

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