Benefits of Flax Seed Oil

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Benefits of flax seed oil

Flax Seed

Flax seed oil also known as Linseed oil is highly recommended for general wellbeing and for whole body nutrition contains essential quantities of the two major groups of essential fatty acids (EFAs) omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids. Flax seed provides approximately 50% more omega-3 oils than what you could get from taking fish oil supplements.

EFAs can only be obtained through the diet and flax seed oil is an efficient way to increase your intake. EFAs perform a variety of important bodily functions and studies have shown that EFAs play an active role in the prevention of muscle and joint pain, maintaining heart health and also promoting metabolic rate, making flax seed oil good for weight loss.

Fresh unrefined flax oil contains lecithin and other phospholipids that help emulsify fats and oils easier for digestion, and contribute to physical health. It also contains carotene which is beneficial for maintaining healthy skin and vitamin E. Both these vitamins stabilise the oil in the body. It is important not cook with Linseed Oil as heating it can change the chemical structure of the oil, which may ruin the nutritional content.

Flax seed oil doesn’t taste particularly appetising so the best way to ingest this is by adding it to a shake or smoothie to disguise the taste or you can also purchase it in capsule form.

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