Top 5 Low-carb Australian Beers

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Top 5 Low-carb Australian Beers

These days our shelves are full of low-carb beers. There is no doubt they are becoming increasingly popular and it seems there is an abundant amount of choice for the average punter. But are they any better for you? Most low-carb beers are about 4.5% alcohol. It is important to realise that alcohol is fattening and fat is a greater concern to your health than carbohydrates. Kilojoules are another consideration yet again. Normal beer is about 150 kilojoules per 100mL. Most low-carb beer is about 120 to 130 kilojoules per 100mL. So in other words the dietary angle which has driven the massive explosion in the category isn’t really that important. In my opinion low-carb should not be a category of beer (sort of like low fat mayonnaise or diet coke). However when all is said and done flavour is king so here are my 5 top low-carb Australian beers.

Top 5 Low-carb beers Hahn Super Dry WA Scene

Hahn Super Dry

5. Hahn Super Dry ($16 six pack)

By no means is this a great beer, but for a macro beer this is a decent
drop. Low in flavour, making it easy to drink quickly with slight hints
of fruit and crisp refreshing palate this is an excellent after work beer.




Top 5 Low-carb beers Tooheys White Stag

Tooheys White Stag

4. Tooheys White Stag ($15 six pack)

A good low-carb beer for people who aren’t really into
low-carb beers. This beer has a slight hoppy aroma to
balance its enjoyable malt flavour.




Top 5 low-carb Australian beers Coops Clear WA Scene

Coopers Clear

3. Coopers Clear ($16 six pack)

This beer is essentially Australia’s answer to Corona. When served
chilled with a wedge of lime this beer offers a light refreshing
flavour perfect for when the weather is hot.




Top 5 Low-carb Australian Beers Boags Classic Blonde WA Scene

Boags Classic Blonde

2. Boag’s Classic Blonde ($16 six pack)

This low-carb beer is malty and is less bitter than
regular beers but offers all the flavour. This, in my
view, is a very well made, fresh and clean tasty brew.




Top 5 Low-carb Australian Beers Cascade Green WA Scene

Cascade Green

1. Cascade Green ($17 six pack)

This is definitely the best example of low-carb beer I have tasted.
The honeyed malt structure coupled with some good bite
and a nice lasting finish make this a cut above the rest.


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