Little Creatures Single Batch Marzen

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Little Creatures single batch marzen

Little Creatures Single Batch Märzen

Little Creatures Single Batch Marzen (RRP $6 per 568ml)

Alcohol: 5.8%
Technical: 30 IBU 24 EBC

Little Creatures Single Batch Marzen is the fifth installment in their single batch series and is another well crafted beer. The timing of this release is a little odd due to the fact Märzen is the German word for March and this style of lager is specially designed for the European summer whereas we are moving from Autumn into Winter. The Little Creatures version has been slow fermented and lagered for just over five weeks and is described as “a rich, strong lager with subtle noble hop aromas from the late Saaz additions, lots of firm bitterness on the palate, while rich malt characters wrap it all into balance, providing a full mouthfeel”.

It’s all malt from the faint grainy nose and sweet caramel front palate and lingering cereal-tinged finish and slightly sweet fruity aftertaste.  The deep-golden beer pours with a minimal off-white head that fades rapidly, and relatively low carbonation makes it deceptively easy to drink considering its 5.8%. The medium-bodied Märzen is crisp and fresh with apricot and orange notes on the mid-palate. Pilsner-like dryness delivers the spicy bitterness of Saaz hops, tempered by the more floral Willamette, creating a very interesting hops combination which is hardly forceful at 30 units yet still discernible.


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