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How to grow capsicums

Growing capsicums in Perth

Growing capsicums in Perth has become a staple for many Perth gardeners. In the Perth climate, capsicums are best grown in part sun with protection from the hot afternoon sun and winds. Morning sun or a light dappled shady area is ideal for growing capsicums.

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Growing blueberries Perth

Growing blueberries in Perth

See just how easy it is to grow your own blueberries at home. In the Perth climate, Blueberries are best grown in part sun with protection from the hot afternoon sun. Read more

January 10, 2021 More
growing strawberries in Perth

How to grow strawberries

The best time for growing strawberries in Perth is July and August. There is nothing like homegrown strawberries straight off the plant and into your mouth. Store bought strawberries can be very hit and miss whereas home grown strawberries are sweet and juicy.

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Grow passion fruit Perth

How to grow passionfruit

Passionfruit are a delicious tasting healthy snack. Learn how to grow passion fruit in Perth, there are a few important tips to take the worry out of growing this popular backyard crop.

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How to grow potatoes Perth

How to grow potatoes

Potatoes are a taste sensation and are very easy to cultivate in Western Australia. Growing potatoes in Perth is perfect for the budget conscious as they are a super cost efficient crop.

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How to grow oranges

How to grow oranges

Orange trees are the mainstay of home gardens in Australia and while the backyard lemon tree has almost iconic status in Aussie backyards, the orange tree is not far behind. Thankfully it is fairly easy to grow oranges in Western Australia.

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How to grow Lychees

How to grow lychees

Lychees are native to the lowlands of southern China and were brought to Australia more than 100 years ago by Chinese gold miners. Lychees prefer tropical conditions but can grow in Western Australia’s south-west given the right conditions.

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How to grow mulberries

How to grow mulberries

Every big Australian backyard should have a mulberry tree not only because they provide delicious berries but they also provide excellent shade. Their juicy crimson black, red or white fruit is rarely sold in mainstream supermarkets because it does not keep for long after being picked.

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How to grow Raspberries

How to grow raspberries

Raspberries are a delicious tasting healthy snack, which are jam packed full of antioxidants and, despite what many people think, can be grown at home. Raspberries are reasonably uncommon in Perth due to our hot weather but they can be grown.

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How to grow peas WA Scene

How to grow peas in Perth

These nutritious green vegies are relatively easy to grow and taste great straight from the vine, or in a stir fry. Plus, they are can be ready to harvest in just 40-45 makes them ideal for kids too.

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