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How to grow Kurrajong trees

Growing Kurrajong trees

Kurrajong trees are a short and stout tree with interesting looking greenish bark. The Kurrajong tree is a native to eastern Australia growing naturally in coastal areas and also in drier inland districts.

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Growing Kalbarri carpet

Kalbarri carpet Eremophila glabra

Kalbarri carpet or Tah bush or Emu bush as it is also know is an attractive native ground-cover with dense silvery-grey foliage and an abundance of yellow-gold contrasting flowers in spring and summer. A native Western Australian plant mostly found in the semi arid areas of Western Australia, such as Kalbarri as the name suggests.

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Golden cane palm

Golden cane palms

Golden cane palms are grown as an ornamental indoor potted palm, the golden cane palm has wonderful air-purifying qualities, making it a great option for homes, and offices alike.

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