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Growing santol cotton fruit

Growing santol cotton fruit

Not a common fruit in Australia, the santol is a native to former Indochina and Malaysia. Santol also goes by the name cotton fruit due to the texture of the fruit and is known for its rich, sweet, tart, and creamy taste. Santol is commonly found and consumed in the Philippines and Thailand. Santol grows well in the northern parts of Western Australia and Northern Territory.

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What to plant now in Perth

What to plant now in Perth

In Perth, we’re lucky enough to have a Mediterranean-style climate, so we have plenty of options for growing a huge range of plants, flowers, fruit trees, vegetables and herbs. With so many options available its easy to be little overwhelmed. If your planning to get out in the garden we’ve got you covered no matter the season. Check out our range of Perth planting guides to make gardening simple.

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Grevillea moonlight plant

How to grow grevillea moonlight

Grevillea moonlight make a beautiful addition to any garden and are known for being easy to grow. Birds love the creamy white flowers, abundant during spring and summer and often reoccurring through the year. Striking blooms make grevillea moonlight a wonderful addition to any Australian backyard and are a great way to bring a pop of colour to your winter garden.

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How to grow warrigal greens

Planting and growing warrigal greens

How to grow warrigal greens Warrigal Greens are Australia’s answer to spinach. Warrigal greens are a leafy vegetable, who’s scientific name is Tetragonia tetragonioides. Warrigal greens are native to both Australia and New Zealand, as well as Chile, Argentina and Japan.In Australia warrigal greens are considered bush tucker and have been used as a spinach […]

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