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How to grow gardenias

Growing gardenias in perth

Gardenias are a wonderfully popular plant here in Australia. They are a very versatile plant and there are many perennial varieties available from ground covers to standards, or even bushes suitable for loose hedges. There is a Gardenia out there for every garden type.

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How to grow a loquat tree in Perth

How to grow loquat trees in Perth

Loquat trees are generally drought tolerant and grow well in Mediterranean conditions. Loquats are orange, oval-shaped, and utterly delicious fruit. They used to be found in almost every backyard across Australia, but for some reason, the loquat is no longer a ‘hip’ fruit. Well I say lets make loquats great again!

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How to grow frangipani trees

Growing frangipani trees in Perth

Frangipanis are wonderful plant for any Perth garden. You will find these beautiful deciduous trees brighten up suburban front yards throughout summer. Frangipani trees have lovely scented flowers come in gorgeous shades of white, yellow, pink, orange, purple and red and frangipanis add a tropical vibe to the front or backyard.

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How to grow cottonwood hibiscus

Growing cottonwood hibiscus trees

Cottonwood Hibiscus also known as Hibiscus tiliaceus rubra, is a rounded medium sized Australian native tree with heart shaped,deep green to red foliage. During spring this tree produces attractive pastel yellow flowers that stand out against the dark foliage. Cottonwood hibiscus it is well accustomed to Australia’s ever-changing climate meaning it is extremely hardy and will tolerate our often harsh conditions.

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How to grow agapanthus in Perth

Growing agapanthus in Perth

Agapanthus are a fantastic addition to any West Australian garden. West Australian summer wouldn’t be the same without agapanthus in full flower. Aggies, as they’re often called in WA, are blue or sometimes white long-stemmed lilies. It’s common to spot them at roundabouts and along the fence lines of regional properties in the South West.

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How to grow azalea in Perth

Growing azaleas in Perth

Azaleas are a fantastic addition to any West Australian garden. Azaleas are a much loved flowering shrub, which come in a wide range of colours and heights. Most azaleas are long flowering and can also be grown in pots making them incredibly versatile. If you are looking for a punch of colour in winter and spring then you can’t go past Azaleas.

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Growing lime trees

Growing lime trees

A lime tree in an Australian backyard is an awesome idea! Limes are one of the best fruit trees to grow in Perth because of our Mediterranean conditions which allow them to thrive.

If you have ever wondered how to lime trees in Perth then look no further.

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