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Growing fruit trees in Perth

Best fruit trees to grow in Perth

If your looking for the best fruit trees to grow in Perth now, then look no further. The team at WA Scene have you covered. In southern parts of WA, including here in Perth we enjoy a Mediterranean climate while the east is warmer and drier. Meanwhile, the northern part of the state has tropical conditions.

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Growing grass trees in Perth

How to grow grass trees

The grass tree Xanthorrhoea is a uniquely Australian plant, which epitomises the Australian landscape and is as tough as old boots. The Australian grass tree (formally commonly referred to as Blackboys) are indigenous to Australia.

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How to grow poinciana trees

Growing poinciana trees

One of the world’s brightest trees! The poinciana tree (delonix regia) is native to Madagascar, the bright orange flowers herald the coming of summer.
If you have ever wondered how to grow poinciana trees in Perth then look no further.

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