The Cidery Spider Cider

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The Cidery Spider Cider Bridgetown

The Cidery Spider Cider

The Cidery Spider Cider (RRP $3.99 per 330ml)

Style: Dry Cider
Alcohol: 5.5%

The Cidery is located in Bridgetown a small valley settlement approximately 260km South of Perth. The Cidery celebrates the rich history of the apple industry in Western Australia, which was centered in Bridgetown. The Cidery is a boutique drinks producer which offers up fresh and naturally produced cider. The Cidery uses 100 per cent pressed Pink Lady apples and champagne yeast to produce their Spider Cider.

Spider Cider is an ‘end of ferment’ cider, which is characteristically a full dry cider. Following the crushing of Pink Lady apples, fermentation of the juice is carried out at 12 degrees centigrade to maximise the retention of natural fruit characters. Following fermentation the process of racking, filtering and blanketing with carbon dioxide ensures that this attractive freshness is retained. Thus producing a dry cider typical of the end of fermentation, with fresh acidity and a clean dry finish.

Spider Cider is a moderately dry, clean tasting and lightly spritzy cider. It pours a clear medium gold with nitrogenous carbonation. The nose displays of course, soft apple and pineapple nuisances. The palate is generously tart, with the soft touch of apples upfront and an immediate dryness. Light in body, it finishes with a soft, crisp and short finish.


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